Original Goop

The one and only, original formula introduced in 1949, Non-toxic and biodegradable Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner has been a fixture in households all over America for generations.

Goop was originally designed for mechanics to wash their hands without water. Now it is known for removing grease, ink, tar, blood… you name it, from almost anything.

Goop saves you time and money in the workshop, laundry, on the road, in your car and anywhere you and the kids get into a mess.

  Size Type Stock #
Original Goop 5 oz. tube 5 oz Creme 105
Original Goop 10.5 oz. tube 10.5 oz Creme 57
Original Goop 14 oz can 14 oz Creme 12
Original Goop 14 oz can with pumice 14 oz Creme with Pumice 456
Original Goop 28 oz can 28 oz Creme 128
3 lb Creme. Works with dispenser 23
Original Goop 4.5 lb can 4.5 lb Creme. Works with dispenser 64
Original Goop 4.5 lb can with pumice 4.5 lb Creme with pumice. Works with dispenser 455
Original Goop 25 lb bucket 25 lb Bucket Creme 125
Original Goop 25 lb Bucket 25 lb Bucket Creme with pumice 425
Squeeze Bottle
Original Goop 16 fl oz. squeeze bottle 16 fl oz Liquid 35
Pump Container
1 g Liquid 45
- 1 g Liquid with pumice 47
.35 oz Packette Creme 150
Original Goop .35 oz. Packette Creme with pumice .35 oz Packette Creme with pumice 450
Pump Dispenser Pump Dispenser 102