Goop – The Trusted Brand for Generations

Goop Hand Cleaner is America’s premium waterless hand cleaner. Of course Goop is fantastic for cleaning dirty, grimy hands – but you can also tackle a lot of other tough cleaning jobs with it, too. Once you try Goop, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it before.

Take a look at all the Goop products and learn all the ways you can use Goop around the house, in the workshop, or just about anywhere.

Goop is available at automotive, grocery, home improvement, hardware, and national chain retailers from coast to coast. Find a Goop retailer near you.

Goop - The Trusted Brand for Generations

Washing your hands, with or without water.

When using Goop in Gel form – The best way to remove grease, ink, tar, etc, from your hands is to dispense Goop into the palm of your dry hand and rub your hands together until the Goop liquefies. That’s when you know Goop is at its full cleaning power. Keep rubbing until the grime is removed from your hands and suspended in the Goop.

Waterless – Then just wipe the Goop off with a towel or rag. Goop removes the grime and leaves your hands conditioned with lanolin and glycerin.

With Water – If water is available, rinse the Goop from you hands thoroughly and dry as usual. Some of the softening agents will remain on your hands for conditioning.

Removing stains from colorfast, washable clothing.

When using Goop Gel or liquid on fabric or garments- Apply Goop directly to the spot or stain on the garment. Thoroughly rub the Goop into the fabric and let it sit for at least a half hour. Then wash the garment as you usually would.

For really tough stains – Apply liberal amounts of Goop to the stain then roll the garment up and let it sit overnight. Wrapping the treated garment in a plastic bag keeps the moisture in the Goop from evaporating and helps maximize the stain removing power. Then, wash as usual.

NOTE: Inspect the garment before drying. If the stain is not completely removed, Do Not Dry The Garment. Drying the garment, especially in a hot dryer, will lock in the stain. Apply more Goop to the stain and let it sit overnight,,,then wash again. Goop has been know to totally remove stains that other stain removers can’t, or that just won’t come out the first time Goop is used.